Maria Korbit (from North Carolina)
"With an extremely demanding job, it's almost impossible to believe in myself or to remember to love my self. Thank you Avrora for tailoring your custom fitness program to my goals and realities. Your are the best accountability partner one can have on the difficult journey of health and wellness."
"Avrora will push you beyond your limit and have you do what you once thought was impossible. She always has such a positive outlook even on your lowest days"
Shelly Linder (Boston)
"Working with Avrora helped me recover from an eating disorder and finally feel and look stronger. She is positive and always doing 100% of what she can to help and make me feel beautiful!"
"Wow!! Thank you so much for that!! It's really great to see the before and after, thank you for all your guidance and ongoing support!!! You truly the best trainer I've had ( and I've had more than a few) and it's not even necessary that we work out in person. I never would have imagined the results would turn out so good given the current circumstances but I am super happy it's going so well. Thank you again!!!"
"Working with Avrora helps me feel confident in achieving my goals. Even on the days I don't feel confident, her reassurance helps me to be confident and work harder. Avrora have helped me achieve amazing results thru my competitions. She is very knowledgeable and knows her work. She is a pleasure to work with."
"Working with Avrora has been life-changing, literally. She's really patient and very good at adjusting my plans. If you are looking for a dedicated personal trainer, she is amazing!"
Jessica Tompson (Hawaii)
"You are seriously the best personal trainer ever! Thank you for pushing me and making me want to cry sometimes and dealing with my complaints.... afterwards it's all worth it! Your food is delicious and I never thought I'd get so excited over vegan food. You are killing it everyday just in case you didn't know 410 ps the cheesecake was Amaaaaaaazing!"
Jami Rodman (California)
"Avrora is a true powerhouse when it comes to training! She's incredibly motivating, supportive and knowledgeable, and has been a life changer for my fitness routine!"
"Avrora is very pleasant to work with. She is very knowledgeable and will help you reach your goals. She is a very happy person and will rub off on you."
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