Everything Bands Program

My guide will get you in the best shape in 6 weeks! Lose weight and get toned with no gym!
What you get
1. PDF Book with a detailed explanation of why resistance bands training is effective (you'll learn the science behind this approach to training)

2. Full 6 weeks of Workout Programs with videos for each exercise. You'll be able to watch and learn how to perform each exercise in perfect form.

3. Beginner, intermediate and advanced workout options – even if you're an experienced lifter, these workouts will definitely make you sweat.

4. Tips and trainings on how to stay motivated every day – because results are a product of consistency!

5. You'll learn basic exercise rules and fitness terms so that you know exactly what you're doing, and why

6. HIIT CARDIO Split to end your workouts – to help you speed up your results without spending hours in the gym (my workouts are quick but effective!)

7. Bonus Progress Sheet to make sure you are staying consistent and tracking your results. Tracking is a key part of staying motivated!
Let's just compare:
Do it on your own
My Everything Bands Program
1. Gym or group class membership around $30-60 a month
1. No gym or group classes needed! You can do workouts anytime and anywhere, you'll need only about out 5-foot square space.
TOTAL: 1 170 – 2 100$
TOTAL: 18,99$
2. Hiring a trainer - anywhere $50 to $100 for one session for 6 weeks. To see results, you'll need at list 3 sessions in a week, totalling at least $900
3. Home gym equipment (dumbbells, weight rack, kettlebells, mats etc): anywhere from $100 to $1000
4. Recovery classes: every good coach will recommend active recovery (myself included). One yoga or stretching class per week starsat $20 - you're looking at $120 after 6 weeks!
5. Cardio equipment or classes: minimum $20 per class, or $1000 for treadmill
2. You will be your own trainer! You will have a workout plan each day during 6 weeks with a specific target of the body part we are trying to improve, and a video of each exercise in the program!
3. You need only resistance bands, and I recommend you to get my Signature Bands set for a little as 36.99$
4. You will have my Stretching Guide video as a bonus with this program, so you can follow videos and relax your muscles anytime you need to without overpaying. HIIT CARDIO training included in the program with 3 levels of intensity, so you can get your extra calories burn off easy and quick.
I promise: you'll have tremendous changes in 6 weeks if you follow my Everything Bands Guide for 6 weeks to A to Z!
In fact, I'm so certain that you'll see results when you follow my program (that means committing to every workout and nutrition guidelines), that, I'll return you money if you don't!

You've got nothing to lose…why not try it?

"I don't have the time, space and money to be exercise!"
There are endless excuses for not exercising – as an experienced personal trainer, I've heard them all

That why I created my Everything Band Program: to give busy women on a budget a way to train and still see results.

You don't need access to a gym facility, expensive equipment or a lot of time or space to get an effective full-body workout –you can have it all in EVERYTHING BAND PROGRAM!
Why resistance bands?
I know what you're thinking: "How could one little band possibly get me toned? Everyone on social media says I should be working out in the gym and lifting weights!"
Here's the thing: while heavy weights and gym equipment CAN help you achieve a toned physique, they aren't the ONLY way to achieve your goals.

Here's why resistance bands are the workout tool that have been missing from your arsenal:
They're super affordable! Don't believe? Check out my bands here
They're transportable – they'll fit inside a bag or suitcase, and weigh next to nothing
They are versatile – show me a machine in the gym, and I'll show you how to target those exact muscles using a band
They target big and small muscles – many of the machines you see in a gym only target our larger muscle groups. Bands target large AND small muscles, meaning you get a more effective workout in a shorter space of time.

Everything Bands Program
Important: If you have any doubts or questions about the guide,
please contact us before purchasing it.
Due to the digital nature of the content,
all sales are final and we cannot give you any refunds.

Hi, my name is Avrora. I am the founder of Afitness Team, online health coach, certified nutritionist and pro bodybuilder with over 6 years of fitness experience.
I know how it feels to be lost in the gym and to be scared to touch any machine because you don't know how to use them. I know how stressful it is to look at the mirror and always being not happy! I know how hard it is to transfer into a plant-based diet on your own, and I know how tired you are of overtraining and looking for a diet that is finally going to work!!! I was there and I am happy to tell you that you are not alone.
Thousands of people around the world have the same problems.

I created my Online coaching courses to help you finally get your dream body with proper nutrition and healthy eating habits.

I don't have a magic pill or specific diet for you. I have something even better: I have the knowledge to teach you how to be your own trainer and nutritionist for life! I will help you to find out your individual body needs and build a sustainable plan that you are going to follow for the rest of your life!
- be your own motivation and you'll get you results for life (not for quick turn).
I can teach you HOW so get ready to learn!
Get ready for get into your best shape in 6 weeks!
YOU MAY THINK "Is its write program for me? I am not sure if I am ready…"
Or maybe you know your way around the weight room, and you're thinking my band workout will be too easy.
Well, I have good news for you!

An elastic resistance band workout is useful for workout newbies and workout buffs alike. Whether you're new to exercise, recovering from an injury or just looking for a convenient way to work out, I have created 3 distinct training levels to ensure that this program can get EVERYONE results!

Engaging in elastic band resistance training improves balance, gait function and flexibility and may induce greater neuromuscular fatigue than exercises with isometric contractions.
Want to learn more? I dive into all of the details in my guide.
Still not sure if it's for you? Get one day of the program for FREE, and try it out!

Fill out the form to receive a complimentary band workout, and get ready to feel the burn

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